How it began

Thousands of people around the world with connections to ETH Zurich contribute to the visibility and image of ETH Zurich, as “unofficial” ambassadors of the university. They include alumni, friends or even research staff of the institution, who use their personal and professional networks to extend the global visibility of ETH Zurich.

In November 2018, the Executive Board approved a pilot project to create a global community of ETH ambassadors. In the two project years 2019/2020, an international network of ETH ambassadors – the 50 ETH Circle Founding Members – was introduced.

Who we are

The ETH Circle is an international network of the foremost global ETH Zurich ambassadors. The Founding Members represent the first 50 to join the project in its pilot years, directly contributing to shaping the vision and mission of the ETH Circle.

What we do

The ETH Circle actively supports ETH Zurich in enhancing its international reputation and in maintaining a global network.


The ETH Circle offers their members an exclusive role in delivering ETH Zurich’s international agenda, and an opportunity for networking with like-minded individuals.


The members contribute to a lively, committed and high level community. They take on different roles in their interest to support ETH, such as mentoring students, hosting meetings, connecting with the ETH Foundation, facilitating or speaking at events, etc.


The ETH Circle is managed by the Office of the President at ETH Zurich, with designated Community Managers responsible for being the conduit between members and the institution. They offer regular member engagement to maintain momentum using a personalized, individual approach.