17 JUNE 2022
Highlights from the Annual Meeting

The highlight of the ETH Circle community’s events calendar is its Annual Meeting. In 2022, we moved the meeting from winter to summer and convened 30 of our members in Zurich. With a mix of workshops and networking opportunities, discussions focused on more student interactions, how the group can make a difference, and future plans. Learn more in our highlights video: ETH Circle Annual Meeting 2022.

We Are ETH Podcast Series

We are pleased to share with you a brand-new addition to the ETH Podcast. Once a month, in addition to the usual series, you will have access to a special episode with an in-depth conversation featuring ETH alumni and friends. Interviewed by ETH Circle Member, Executive and Entrepreneur Susan Kish, We Are ETH tells the story of how our community has taken their ETH experience out into the world.

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Jeannine Pilloud joins the Board of the ETH Alumni Association

We are pleased to share that ETH Circle Member, Jeannine Pilloud, has been appointed to the Board of the ETH Alumni Association. Jeannine is the CEO of Ascom and an ETH Alumna. “I look forward to the opportunity of working with the ETH Circle to share their input and expertise for the benefit of the Alumni Association.” Learn more about Jeannine here: https://circle.ethz.ch/member/jeannine-pilloud/

Mentoring Pilot Programme

Very early on in the ETH Circle project, mentoring was identified as an important way for our community to give back to ETH Zurich.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and volunteerism of our ETH Circle members and AVETH, we jointly launched the mentoring pilot programme on 1 June, which will run until the end of February 2022. The pilot programme aims to fill an identified gap in terms of a broad, holistic mentoring programme at ETH Zurich. With this project, we have the opportunity to create a world-class mentoring program for the University based on internal and external best practices.