A message from Chris Luebkeman to ETH Circle Members! We are seeking a limited number of committed partners who share a similar vision and are interested in leveraging the power of collective impact.

We are gathering a community of change makers, entrepreneurs, impact investors, scientists, policy makers, thinkers, artists, students, advocates and influencers to envision, ideate and shape [y]our collective future. Our mission is to curate a coalition of the willing to accelerate the transition to a planetary boundary compatible society by developing ideas worth amplifying and envisioning actions worth implementing.

For the first annual gathering, 100 founding participants will convene from 19-22 September 2021 in Laax, Switzerland. It is hard to imagine a better place to imagine the future than atop the Crap Sion Gion mountain, gazing out at the landscapes of Graubünden – Switzerland’s south-eastern alpine region. The agenda will consist of ~25 unique sessions designed to be educational, inspirational, interactive and creative. There will be hosted ‘talk show’ style conversations, professionally facilitated workshops, carefully curated time to network and to allow opportunities and unconventional ideas to emerge. The inaugural gathering will conclude by choosing the projects/actions we wish to jointly accelerate.

It’s urgent. The decisions we make over the next 10 years will determine the collective fate of humanity. Science tells us that we must take more action now.

It’s global. The only way to achieve our global ambition is to bring the best of the world to Switzerland (and somehow, think of Genius Loci, the best of Switzerland to the world).

It’s collective. Tackling the challenges ahead requires uncommon partnerships across borders, topics, demographics, professions and experiences working together to develop ideas and create pathways for making positive change happen.

It’s different. This is a group who knows that we can make the difference the next generations are expecting us to make. We can be the exemplar. We will be.

The [y]our 2040 founders are deeply committed to creating a lasting positive legacy. They have a track record of successful initiatives and ventures. They know how to bring together the right people and transform inspiration into action. They have assembled a team for the program, the gathering, the community as well as the digital amplification that is second to none.

COME JOIN THE COALITION: http://your2040.com/